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Barcelona Escorts and Brothels explained

When looking for the company of a beautiful lady you will find many different options among Barcelona escorts and agency models. Options go from huge Brothels, through small clandestine flats to online Escort agencies.

In many cases the pros and cons are relatively easy to see, but we have noticed that different countries have different perspectives when it comes to Physical establishments vs online agencies.

Of course, we may find many overlapping facts because some agencies might try to trick you with false photos, but the danger is quiet higher, and it’s better to risk not meeting the girl from the photos vs, spending some time with an escort who has serviced over 10 clients before you (the more beautiful the girl looks in a club, the worse is the situation when it comes to numbers).

Club, Brothel or apartment escorts in Barcelona

BROTHELS: Time is of essence, girls will only spend the exact amount of time with you until you cum, no more, even if you are “super nice”


  • Possibility of seeing the girls in person all together at one place
  • Possibility of visiting a physical establishment
  • Escorts at brothels and flats are usually more permissive with services such as Anal for full hour, threesome with 2 men or submissive services.


  • Girls date a minimum of 5 clients per day
  • Some girls work shifts of 24 hours
  • Some brothel escorts spend over 1 month of full time sex activity
  • Usually very poorly educated girls
  • Due to enormous amount of clients attended by each girl, consequently Sexually Transmitted Diseases are very common
  • Most establishments have flashy or recognizable entrances as ‘Sex brothels’
  • Most apartments or flats have ongoing problems with neighbors and therefore there is a fair chance police is called over once or twice per week
  • Only a small percentage of brothels (those which are larger) will perform correct health checks on a regular basis
  • Time is of essence, as a result of this girls will only spend the exact amount of time with you until you cum.
  • Furthermore, Brothels in Barcelona are famous for charging extra fees on credit cards, or taking all the cash from those clients who have too much to drink, so measure your alcohol intake in any brothel/club/flat.
  • Most Brothels keep 50% of escorts income
  • Please, if you are traveling to Barcelona be very careful with asian flats (or dodgy looking brothels) as these are usually owned by human trafficking organizations.

Looking for something different? Amateur girls and college students as occasional Escorts


  • Your privacy, the only person who sees you is the escort girl
  • Highly educated escorts
  • Usually more natural girls
  • Look for agencies offering amateur escorts, you will experience less of a cold service and more of a ‘date like’ experience
  • Discrete dates to your hotel, outcalls are usually hassle free and no need for you to move
  • Most offer discrete credit card payments
  • Agency recommendations based on other aspects of escorts character, rather than only physical traits.
  • Choose an agency where escorts don’t meet more than 2/3 clients weekly.


  • Please keep away from Barcelona escort agencies who keep abusive fees of girls income or give out free services without protection, as you can understand, this is considered a serious form of exploitation. Please make sure to find out if the Barcelona escort agency you are contacting has ethical standards towards the girls.
  • Some agencies might mislead showing pictures of girls who aren’t real. Above all, we recommend you tell the agency you will send the girl back in case she isn’t as shown on the agencies site. We have our own photos stolen every several months and advertised under different numbers with different girls coming to the dates.
  • Unfortunately many Barcelona escort agency owners or assistants do not have enough english level to understand what you look for.

¡We hope you enjoy our lovely city and be sure to choose carefully!

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