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Female ejaculation

The secret, the fetish, the magic

Female ejaculation refers to the expulsion of a variable amount of fluid during a woman’s orgasm. The expelled fluid is described as a clear liquid emerging from the urethra, sometimes with force, with a composition similar to that of the Skene glands.

Experts have shown that this liquid is composed of glucose, prostatic acid phosphatase and prostate-specific antigen, in addition to urea and creatine.

The fluid released by the para-urethral glands varies from one woman to another and may be just a few drops to almost two cups. It is known that the longer the orgasm, the greater the ejaculation.

Techniques to achieve female ejaculation

We should start by stimulating the clitoris. Whether you do it yourself or your partner helps you with this “pleasurable task.” What we are looking for is to erect this organ.

Since we have had some clitoral orgasms, it is time to find the G spot and stimulate it. You must insert your finger or fingers into the vagina, either the middle finger or index finger pointing up. You will find the G-spot as a swollen, wrinkled area just behind the pubic bone.

The G-spot is the Skene glands, and therefore, all women have the possibility of reaching such orgasms. Any steps to approach this source of pleasure, must be seasoned with a high degree of relaxation and a little less friction.

Test your sensitivity. The main difference between one woman and another lies in the sensations that are able to experience thanks to that part of the body

Stimulate it with rhythmic and circular movements, alternating pressure and speed.

If after a few minutes you start to feel like urinating, you are on the right track. Keep it up, concentrate, enjoy it and let yourself go. Do not hold back this feeling, expel it and enjoy your ejaculation.

For a lot of people it has not been proven. It has not been proven that the origin is in the Skene glands the origin of female ejaculation. It is theorized by their presence or absence, to explain the observed absence of this phenomenon in the majority of women.

Female ejaculation seems like a newly discovered science; However, it has always existed. The ideal to feel this maximum sensation is enjoy sex and pleasure.

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