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Sex Advice books: Top 4

The best sex advice books in Spanish literature

1. Your sex is yours – Sylvia de Béjar

Sylvia is a writer and journalist, but also an expert in human sexuality and sex education. With a direct, frank and funny style, through “Your sex is yours” leads us through the intricate paths of sexuality.

A book intended for women, written by a woman, but that men should read at least once in their life. In the book are the keys to discover why sexual desire sometimes escapes our hands, for example. It also has a final list of exercises and recommendations to make your sex life a much more fun experience.

Of this same author and also very recommendable, is the book “Deseo” (Desire), dedicated entirely to make an analysis on the female sexual desire and also masculine.

2. The science of sex – Estupinya

Estupinya has revolutionized the panorama of books of scientific popularization with this great example of rigorous book form.

“The science of sex” could be defined as a scientific essay on written sexuality in an entertaining and very complete way.

With the research and scientific spirit that characterizes him, to write the book, Pere, has been surrounded by scientific research, even participating in a study of Rutgers University on erectile dysfunction and male orgasm.

The writing process has also included visits to medical and sexual referral centers, interviews with specialists (but also with patients and porno actors) visits to swingers’ clubs, experimentation in sadomasochistic events … she has even learned techniques of tantra to be able to carry Conduct the study with the utmost rigor.

If to all this we add the great amount of bibliography consulted to complete the work, we have in our hands a unique copy that will arouse the curiosity of profanes in the matter, but also of some expert expert. Undoubtedly, an essential book to know human sexuality.

3. Power your sex life – Juan Carlos Ruiz de la Roja

This book attempts to answer all those questions that most bother people: Is there a remedy for premature ejaculation? Can a drug influence my sexual desire ?.

Written with simplicity, this book is recommended for both men and women who want to learn a little more how sexuality works, but above all, what disorders and problems can be associated with it.

4. Sex wise – Antoni Bolinches

With the subtitle “How to maintain sexual interest in a stable couple,” Bolinches invites us to review our relationship and try to overcome jealousy through Sex Sage and overcome or solve possible infidelities.

But above all this book is a reflection on the routine, the great enemy of stable relationships and their sexual relations. When the first stage of infatuation has ended, what remains is coexistence, acceptance, adjustment to each other in all areas. This is a stage that not all couples outgrow.

That is why this book can be a guide and a help for those couples who believe they are falling into the erotic routine. Bolinches explains among other things how to rekindle passion and how to make sex one of the main pillars of your relationship.

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