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Sex positions, 6 you must try

6 Creative sex positions you have to try

Getting out of the sexual routine that involves boring and well-known positions is not easy, especially if there is not much imagination and the haste is pressing to consummate the act. However, there are sexual positions that allow you and your partner to enjoy more and have extremely pleasant moments just by changing the routine and daring a little more.

1. The Machinist

The woman should lie on her right side and lift her left leg to put it on the right side of the knight. This position helps penetration to be deeper; In addition it will take its romantic side, because there is visual contact. In addition, he will be able to use his hands to make the moment more pleasant.

2. Flatiron

flatiron sex position

The woman should lie on her stomach with her legs straight and her hips lifted slightly. With this position will allow both to feel comfortable and the member of the gentleman will appear even longer. On the other hand, this position combined with good breathing will help you to last longer.

3. G-spot

She should lie on her back and rest her legs on his shoulders. With this position, the G-spot will be much easier to play. If the man moves his penis side to side or top to bottom, the penis will directly touch point G.

4. Face to face

sex position face to face

The man should sit on a chair or on the edge of the bed while the woman stands over him. With this position she can control the angle and depth of the penetration. In addition, he can provide support for movement and balance.
Let your fingers and hands speak for you, with this position, both can use their hands to make things much more interesting

5. Cowgirl Helper

It is very similar to Cowgirl’s position, girl on top of him; However, in this one it will lean on the ankles. In this position she will do almost all the work, but he will help her by supporting her weight. He can take her hips as she gets up and pushes her hip. With this position and his help, the woman can have less rigid legs. So reaching the climax will be easier for her and will delay his. If deep and superficial penetration is alternated, the vagina will receive stimulation in different parts.

6. Seashell

The woman should be placed on her back and with her legs raised as much as possible. He enters as if it were the position of the missionary, but with this position the clitoris will be stimulated at the same time as the G spot.