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What to Do Before, During and After an Appointment

Quality, Safety and Time Efficiency

Maintaining high standards of quality and safety, as well as optimizing your time, is essential to offer a professional service as a luxury escort. Here is a detailed guide on what to do before, during and after a booking to ensure that everything runs efficiently and safely.

Before the Reserve:

Customer Verification:

  • Verification Process: Be sure to verify the customer’s identity with valid identification. Use client verification services if the client wishes to remain anonymous(Read more about this here).
  • References: Ask for references from other workers or platforms in the sector and verify their authenticity.

2. Preparation and Confirmation:

  • Prepayment: Request a prepayment to secure your appointment. As is becoming common in Spain, it asks for a prepayment of between 40 and 50 euros to guarantee the customer’s seriousness. If the client does not show up or cancels with less than [tiempo necesario], a fine or the entire prepayment may be charged. Once at the appointment, it is discounted from the meeting.
  • Confirmation of Details: Filter first via chat or email and, if the message seems correct, offer a brief call to confirm the details of the appointment before setting it.
  • Location: Make sure the location of the appointment is safe. If it is a hotel, require a minimum of 4 stars if your rates exceed 300 euros per hour.

3. Communication and Clarifications:

  • Clear Information: Provides all necessary information in a clear and concise manner. Additional details should be consulted during the appointment.
  • Block Unknown Numbers: Block unknown numbers to avoid unwanted contacts.

During the Reserve:

1. Security Strategies:

  • Live Location: Share your live location with a trusted friend so they always know where you are.
  • Arrival Confirmation: Ask the client to send a photo verification upon check-in at the hotel.

Professional Interaction:

  • Kindness and Courtesy: Always be kind and courteous. Professionalism in the interaction is key to a positive experience.
  • Compliance with Agreements: Ensure that all previously agreed conditions are met during the appointment.

3. Time Optimization:

  • Avoid wasted time: Do not allow the client to deviate from the agreed topics or extend the appointment without paying for the additional time(Read more about this topic here).
  • Continuous Evaluation: Constantly evaluate the situation to ensure that everything is going according to plan and in a safe environment.

4. Waiting Time:

  • Delay Tolerance: If you have requested a prepayment, you can allow a waiting margin of up to 20 minutes. If you have not ordered prepaid and do not know the customer, give him a 10-minute margin. If he does not show up, do not attend him anymore. 100% of the serious and reliable customers give a timely notice even if something very serious happens to them. If you are not professional, you are not professional.

After the Reserve:

1. Experience Evaluation:

  • Feedback: Reflect on the quote and note any positive or negative aspects. This information will be useful for future interactions.
  • Customer Communication: Send a thank you message if you feel it is appropriate. Post-appointment courtesy can foster long-term relationships with quality customers.

2. Security and Follow-up:

  • Report Your Departure: Inform your trusted friend when you have left the site and are safe.
  • Blocking Unwanted Contacts: If the customer exhibited inappropriate behavior, block and note it for future reference.

Payment Management:

  • Payment Verification: Make sure all payments have been received and are correct.
  • Financial Record: Keep a detailed record of transactions for better financial management and for future reference.

Respect and Professionalism:

Initial Communication:

  • Initial Contact: Following our advice from the previous article, we recommend establishing contact with the client via email, WhatsApp or Telegram with a written presentation that includes clarifications about services, experiences and payments. Then, make a phone call to get to know the person you are meeting a little better.
  • Client Evaluation: Evaluate as you converse with this person whether he or she passes your filters. The call should not last more than 5 minutes but it will give you a better idea of the person you are going to spend your time with.

2. Standards During the Appointment:

  • Maintain Respect: During the date, the standards are the same. The customer must maintain absolute respect. You offer maximum quality and the customer offers you maximum respect. This way you will be able to enjoy the experience to the fullest.
  • Enjoy the Work: Remember that a good luxury escort knows how to enjoy her work and make her client enjoy it as well.

Maintaining high standards of quality, safety and time efficiency is essential to your success in the secret industry of High Standing Escorts. By following these steps before, during and after a booking, you can ensure a professional and safe experience for both you and your customers. If you need more information or advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you thrive in your career.

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