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How to Arrange a Travel Appointment with a Client

Traveling with a client can be a wonderful experience if organized correctly. Here is a basic guide to make sure everything goes smoothly and you both enjoy your trip.

Initial Preparations

  • Know the Client: Research and get to know the customer well before the trip. Make sure you both feel comfortable and safe. If you travel with an agency, make sure they know the client and it is verified.
  • Define Details: Clarify all the details of the trip, including destination, duration and planned activities. Planning ahead helps to avoid misunderstandings and last-minute problems.

2. Clear Communication

  • Set Expectations: Clearly discuss what everyone expects from the trip, both in terms of services and behavior. Transparency is key to an experience without misunderstandings.
  • Boundaries and Preferences: Be sure to establish and respect your boundaries and preferences from the beginning. The comfort of both is essential. How long will you stay in the company? Is flight time included? Do you expect to stay 100% of the time at the hotel or will it be an adventure trip?

3. Financial Aspects

  • Fees and Payments: Ensure that fees are clearly agreed and paid in advance. We recommend asking for a 40% prepayment when it comes to travel, with a decent amount of time in advance. This eliminates any money-related stress during the trip. (See our article on how to effectively verify customers).
  • Travel Expenses: Clarify who will cover travel, lodging, meals and activities. Having these details clear from the beginning avoids misunderstandings. This is normally covered by the customer.

4. Security and Documentation

  • Necessary Documentation: Make sure you have the necessary documentation for the trip (passports, visas, international medical insurance, etc.).
  • Personal Safety: Share your itineraries and maintain regular communication with trusted contacts. Safety is paramount.

5. Trip Planning

  • Accommodations: Make sure the client books high-end accommodations that offer privacy and comfort. Five-star hotels or private villas are ideal.

6. Behavioral Protocol

  • Respect and Discretion: Always behave in a respectful and discreet manner. Remember that you are both there to enjoy yourselves. Mutual respect and discretion are essential. Read our protocol for clients here.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Be flexible and willing to adapt to any change in plans. The ability to adapt to circumstances can turn any unforeseen event into a fun part of the adventure.

Privacy and Confidentiality

During the trip, there will inevitably be exchange of private information, such as names and contact details, for example during check-in at the hotel. It is essential to adhere to a non-verbal agreement of privacy and confidentiality. As an escort offering a luxury service, it is your responsibility to protect your client’s privacy, and he must also respect your confidentiality and your time.

Avoiding Common Scams

  • Immediate Prepayment: Don’t fall for common scams, such as customers who say their prepayment will arrive in a few days and ask to start making travel arrangements now. Always make sure you receive the prepayment before you begin any planning.
  • Too much information without confirmation: Be wary of clients who ask for a lot of information and effort on your part without any kind of prepayment or confirmation that they will actually book the trip.
  • Too Good to Be True: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Investigate further if something seems overly tempting.
  • Trust and Intuition: If something seems suspicious to you, it is better not to accept and wait for a client who makes you feel comfortable from the beginning. We will continue to teach you how to improve your profile to ensure you work at ease and earn what you set out to earn.

Traveling with a client can be a very memorable experience that allows you to experience breathtaking places and exclusive high-level experiences. By following these steps and tips, you’ll be on your way to unforgettable adventures while keeping your safety and well-being a priority.

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