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Luxury escorts is a very selective category with VIP profiles of girls who stand out for their poise, elegance and beauty both inside and outside that makes itself noticed. Every escort girl is different, but to give you an idea of what would qualify as a VIP escort: Models, Instagram Girls, TV personalities or actresses, some “Celebrity” profiles are VIP because of their media presence. Ladies with a high degree of education and poise, who take the utmost care of their physique and lead a balanced life. Classy and elegant, these profiles fit in any evening and event, they are fine and very polite girls.

At OK Escorts we work with models of different rates and sometimes those who have a favorable track record with us raise their rates in order to ensure that they remain occasional and thus set at a very high threshold the quality of the experiences offered. If you wish you can ask us why we have selected precisely these girls to represent our VIP section, even though by their profiles you will already intuit the nature of their essence…

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After many years of spreading love, OK Agency has permanently Closed as of May 2024. 

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Tras muchos años compartiendo amor, OK Agency ha cerrado permanentemente en Mayo 2024

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