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Our Luxury Escorts Agency has more than 9 years of experience organizing discreet appointments. We are here to help you achieve the experiences and fantasies you desire. Here is a quick guide to how it all works. How to book an appointment? How to contact us and what are the escort and escort policies in Barcelona, Madrid and Travel.

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Before Booking an Escort with OK

Escorts and Escorts we offer

What you see is what you get! We do not change girls or send one for another and all our photos are verified and genuine. Be sure to thoroughly review the profile for basic information on: Statistics, Services offered, Rates and Photos. We only collaborate with casual, amateur, down-to-earth girls. In addition, we offer experiences such as bridal experience, dinner escorts, travel dates and many more!

Photographs and Videos we show

We have different locations to be able to offer first hand, real and high quality images of our girls. We do not work with external photographers. We hope to give you as much insight as the privacy escorts demand. Please understand that since we work with occasional escorts, anonymity is very important. We retouch the following: lighting, birthmarks, small tattoos and other skin related retouching. We do not alter volumes and we do not present one girl for another. On very rare occasions we accept photographs provided by the companions themselves, such as selfies. Don’t hesitate to check for updates, as some of our profiles now include videos!

Rates we work with

We offer profiles ranging from 200€ to 1000€. These rates depend on the model’s knowledge, culture, physique, client testimonials, languages, previous cache, punctuality, treatment or you may simply be on a trial period to move to a higher rate. We accept payments in Cash (Euro, Dollar, Swiss Franc, Pound), Cryptocurrencies and wire transfer. See complete fee schedules and more information on fees here

Book a date with an Escort in OK

Please have the following information ready before contacting us:

  1. Desired time and date
  2. Desired escort (you can have several options, or ask us to recommend you depending on what you are looking for in a girl)
  3. Meeting place: Hotel, event venue or one of the meeting places we offer
  4. Get to know the Rates and Services we offer
    Requesting additional information
  5. We will be happy to help you with any additional or extended information you may need.
  6. Please note that we do not respond to basic information questions such as “Hello,” “Are you available?” and the like. Be concrete and we’ll be happy to meet your requests in the most efficient, sweetest and effective way possible!

Barcelona, Madrid, Spain & Escorts (Policies and Hotels)


Requesting escort services in Barcelona, Madrid or any other city in Spain is not considered illegal. You are free to meet a girl for escort services, whatever happens in the intimate atmosphere is between you and the girl. The escort service is not regulated as such and it is very important to choose a reliable agency that operates as a legitimate matchmaking business to provide a guarantee for what you are paying for.

The city of Barcelona or Madrid, for example, does regulate other types of services such as street prostitution, massage parlors…etc. and imposes fines on both customers and brothels.


Most hotels accept escorts and will not object to a visit. Our escorts are discreet and will dress to fit your hotel visits. Some hotels may ask the girl for identification, this is for security reasons, or there is a personality staying in this hotel or they do routine checks on all persons accessing the hotel rooms for security reasons.


We do not send escorts to hostels, as they are not a friendly type of accommodation with any additional visitors to your room. Especially Raval and Gothic area. In this case we recommend our offer of Meeting Places.

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    After many years of spreading love, OK Agency has permanently Closed as of May 2024. 

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