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Are you new to OK! Escorts Agency?

Welcome to our agency. We are here to help you accomplish your desired experiences and fantasies. Here is a quick guide to how everything works. How to book a date? How to contact us and what are Barcelonas policies on escorting.

Occasional Amateur Escorts · Outcalls to hotels · Outcall at provided discrete apartments · First date in Barcelona city only

Before booking

Escorts: What you see is what you get. We do not change girls or send one for another. Please make sure to thoroughly check the profile for basic information regarding: Statistics, Services offered, Rates and Photos. We only collaborate with occasional, amateur, down-to-earth girls. If you are searching for a club, enclosed brothel, full time sex performers this is not the place! 

Pictures: We have a studio in property in order to provide first hand, real, best quality images of our girls. We do not work with third-party photographers. We hope to give insight as much as the privacy demanded by the escorts lets us. Please understand, as we work with occasional escorts anonymity is very important.  We do retouch the following: Lighting, Birth marks, small tattoo and other skin related retouches. We do not alter volumes and do not present one girl for another. On very rare occasion we do accept photos provided by escorts themselves, as might be selfies. Feel free to check updates as some of our profiles include videos now !

Rates: we offer profiles ranging from 150€ to 300€ (*taxi/apartment not included). We accept payments in Cash (Euro, Dollar, Swiss Franc, Pound) or BitcoinPlease check full rate charts here

Book a date

Have the following info before contacting us:

  • Desired time & date
  • Desired escort (you can have various choices, or ask us to recommend depending on what you look for in a girl)
  • Place to meet: Hotel, event venue or one of the places of encounters we offer
  • Be familiar with Rates and Services we offer

Requesting additional info

We are happy to help you out for any additional/extended information you may need, please beware we don’t respond to basic info questions such as: “Hi, what’s your rate” “you available?” and similar. Please be concrete and we will be happy to attend your need as efficiently and effectively as we can!

+34 665 418 223  |

NOT ACCEPTED: WHATSAPP CALLS, SKYPE, ETC. Private numbers, landlines and similar. No basic information will be copied, RATES, AGE, NATIONALITY..etc are available on each profile.

Barcelona & Escorts (Policies and Hotels)

BARCELONA POLICIES: Soliciting escort service in Barcelona is not illegal as in other cities such as Paris, France. You are free to meet with a girl for escorting services, whatever happens in the intimate setting stays between you and the girl. Escort service is not regulated as such, and it is most important to choose a reliable agency that operates as a legitimate matchmaking business in order to provide warranty for what you are paying for.

Barcelona city does regulate street prostitution, massage parlours …etc.  and imposes fines to both clients and brothels

HOTELS: Most hotels are escort friendly, they will not oppose to a visit. Our escorts are discrete and will dress to the occasion on hotel visits. Some hotels might ask for ID from the girl, this is for security reasons, either there is a personality staying at this hotel or they do routine checks to all people who access the hotel rooms for reasons of security. The only big hotel who has mistreated escorting professionals throughout the years is W hotel, in which case we advise you meet the girl outside the entrance.

HOSTELS, PENSIONS, ETC: We do not send escorts to hostels as these are not friendly type of accommodation towards any extra visitor to your room. Especially Raval and Gothic area. In this case we recommend our Places for Encounters offer

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