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Barcelona reopens – here’s how (Covid-19 update)


The whole of Catalonia has been immersed in the new normal since last Friday after the announcement made by the local government on Thursday.

The main difference with respect to the previous stage is that in this new norm, any activity can be carried out, although always under clear premises: the use of a masks and keeping minimum interpersonal distance.


Barcelona airport T1 is open and accepting flights.  Access to the airport terminal is only available for those travelling, waiting area for arrivals is now separate and not in main terminal as before. When entering the country you will be asked to fill in a health form and/or Passenger Location Card. You will also be asked to pass a temperature test and if necessary medical assessment. It is expected you have face masks and sanitary gel for your travel.

Extra info: Tax Free services are open as well as pharmacy, tobacco and banking. Find more info on Barcelona airport here


Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and stores are all open and have established new sanitary precautions. We can see it from stores on Rambla de Catalunya to love-hotels up in Sarria area.  For example, Luxor will take your temperature before accessing the rooms,  their rooms are disinfected after every visit on top of the regular cleaning routine, for precaution some sofas/cushions and other decor have been removed.

Are all businesses open?

Not all businesses have been able to reopen, some for sanitary reasons (as getting up to speed takes it’s time) other for economic reasons. Many hotels waited until this week, and some might still be closed until 1st of July due to low booking rates. Big hotel chains such as Murmuri, NH, Barceló, Axel hotels are open as usual. For the most part Barcelona is back and ready!


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Social Distance: 1,5 m (5ft)

This is the safe interpersonal distance which is mandatory in both open and closed spaces. This is particularly important in bars, restaurants and terraces. Masks are obligatory whenever this distance can’t be guaranteed.

Masks are obligatory

Whenever minimum required interpersonal distance can’t be met,  including on the streets. Also, they are 100% necessary to travel on public transport; metro, taxi and even in car rides when sharing the car with people you don’t live with.

Exceptions: Physical activity such as running, exempts you from wearing a mask, and any respiratory or similar illness which may make the mask prejudicial for health.

Social Gatherings

These permitted as long as it’s not in large groups. You are free to move around Catalunya and meet up/go wherever you want. Some beaches may have restrictions to avoid getting packed.

Maximum capacity

This norm will be in force to limit the amount of people in  bars, restaurants and other businesses. Up to 50%  interior and 75% exterior until 25th  of June . After this, Barcelona and Catalonia enforces a minimum 2,5m2 per person.

Dating escorts

We have resumed our normal activity, with special attention given to sanitary precautions and quarantine periods for models.


After many years of spreading love, OK Agency has permanently Closed as of May 2024. 

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