Attention to couples

Escorts for meetings with couples

If you are looking to experiment and add new things to your sex life with your partner, couple care is probably your best option.

A few years ago the escort service was only focused on men, but this is going through a fantastic change, it is increasingly common for a couple to want to get out of their routine and hire the service of an escort girl to enjoy the threesome experience they have longed for.

It is better to hire an escort or escort girl than to endlessly seek to match private life with a memorable threesome opportunity. Our escorts have the experience and sensitivity to make you both feel at ease and comfortable. In addition, you can forget the problems of future jealousy, since the organization is handled by the agency and there is no direct contact with the girl outside the appointment.

In the attention to couples it is very important that, before starting the sexual relationship, a series of rules are established, for example: Can the escort and the boy kiss each other? An escort who offers the couple service knows that the protagonist of the experience is not her but the couple and that she is there to make real what the couple wishes to obtain from this unique experience.

This sexual fantasy of attention to couples is not only focused on fulfilling a man’s sexual desire to sleep with two women. Women also have their own sexual fantasies, such as having a real lesbian relationship with another woman for the first time. You can share with us what you feel like, what kind of sensations you are looking for and we will advise you.

The ultimate mission of this experience is to strengthen the sexual and intimate relationship of the couple that hires it.

What are the bisexual girls like that we offer?

Free of taboos and eager to explore their own sexuality; these are the girls we have in our portfolio. The girls we recommend for the couple experience are selected for being bisexual, open, empathetic and loving. Non-professional girls, students, attractive and fun who want to enjoy and make enjoy. They will always come with the mentality of sharing intimate, very sexual moments with you and being able to transport you to another level in your own intimacy.

You can choose between different styles, if you want a sexy and hot young girl, if you prefer a more experienced girl, if you want her to be the one who takes the lead or maybe to go with your flow…share it with us and we will know how to advise you properly!

Meet our bisexual escorts for couple encounters in Barcelona

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