What is GFE?

What is the Girlfriend Experience (GFE)?

When we talk about a girlfriend experience, we mean a unique experience where, unlike other experiences, the main factor is not only the sexual relationship. The relationship during an encounter with a girl who offers GFE is more intimate and personal. Not all the contracted time is dedicated to intercourse, there is more time dedicated to caresses, kisses (kisses with tongue), natural French, flirting and sexual games.

Sometimes we can find this bridal treatment in other aspects such as spending a romantic evening with an escort. As an example, imagine a dinner with interesting conversation and a beautiful girl, followed by a walk around the city and finally discovering her sensual side in intimacy.

Here we bring you a Bride Experience first hand, we hope you enjoy it.

My first “girlfriend experience

One of our clients has been generous enough to share this experience with us:

I was tired of the typical sex without any kind of connection, where the only thing you can do is touch because if you go to kiss her, she’ll say no, she doesn’t kiss on her first date. That’s why I decided to have this experience where the girl was going to give more, they explained to me that this is an “involved” girl.

I called the agency and told them that I was looking for a girlfriend experience, not just looking for a quick fuck but a girl with whom I could have a more intimate relationship. I was looking for a companion girl with whom I could really talk, a studied girl with whom to have a minimally interesting conversation.

The girl took an hour to arrive, I was like a flan divided between nerves and desire. As soon as she arrived I noticed that she had a spectacular body and a beautiful face…her warm greeting calmed me down.

We had a drink and thanks to her spontaneity and outgoing manner we chatted about life in general. He started to excite me thinking about the things I could do to him and before we knew it we were in bed, the sex was incredible…fluid and natural.

When we finished we lay on the bed almost hugging each other, we lay there for a while, she had a cocktail and I had a whiskey, confessing things to each other (or at least I did), the fact is that at that moment I was just enjoying the moment. I don’t even remember what we talked about but I do remember thinking “I could be with this girl for 3 hours and I wouldn’t get bored”, we laughed a lot.

Due to my budget I had hired her for an hour, but by the time we realized it was over and I decided to extend, again she started caressing me, what soft hands she had! …this time he came downstairs to French me, looking at us.

There was a very good rapport, we showered together, got dressed and said goodbye with another wet kiss of his.

And me, I was left wanting more.”

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Much more than just a date…

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GFE is a highly recommended experience if you are looking for something more; a special connection and a singular treatment. Our girls are specialists in the girlfriend experience!

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