Escort Escort: “The Perfect Guest”.

What is an escort?

The experience with an escort has certain similarities to the girlfriend experience, and that of an escort, but they overlap only in intimate areas. Escort girls who also offer escort services must have some important features:

  • Know how to be, behave appropriately in any situation/environment,
  • know your city well and be able to take you to special places,
  • with a taste for adventure,
  • foodies (who enjoy discovering gastronomy with you)
  • cultural interest, to go to museums and exhibitions

What is an escort appointment like?

In line with what we offer, the girlfriend experience culminates in the intimate but getting to know the person and enjoying a few hours to connect on another level can lead to unforgettable moments and reinforce the sexual. Sharing tastes, affinities and building a relationship that goes far beyond being escort-client.

Enjoying a live music event is much more exciting with a beauty by your side, knowing glances at an elegant dinner or laughter at a gastropub with a glass of wine. Think of your date as a safe space, a time to be yourself without fear of judgment, forget about your problems and realize that stress dissipates when you are enjoying the things that really make you feel.

Some examples of appointments we successfully manage include dinners with hotel night, yacht dates, gastronomic and cultural tours in Barcelona and Madrid, beach walks, shopping escorts, theaters and musicals and …many more! If you want something out of our cities we recommend you to visit the section of trips with escorts.

Maybe for a romantic dinner you want a 24 year old girl who is delicate and exudes sensuality and elegance, while for an event you want a woman with a more formal style to accompany you. Discretion is an important point that we also take into account, the girls will always come according to what the situation requires. You can share with us your tastes, preferences and plans so that we can help you find the best candidate.

Whatever your choice is, I assure you that you will always find a polite, kind, attentive and courteous girl. The escort, as a modern geisha, will always put the client’s needs as a priority.

What else you should know about the escort service

Before going to the date with the escort it is very important to inform us what style of date you want or what type of event the escort will attend, so she will prepare and dress according to the occasion. If you have any special requirements regarding clothing, please let us know in advance!

Normally in this escort experience, the man does not hire the service of an escort just for the sex (although at that moment the girl will not let you down!) there are clients who hire the escort service to enjoy the company of a beautiful girl for a few hours or a few days to share something more than just sex…

Are you up for it?

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