3 Myths about male sexuality

There are a number of myths surrounding male sexuality that almost all of us have heard at one time or another. Both modern society and the media have projected a very clear image of men’s sexuality. These are the most outstanding myths;

Myth #1: Men are not naturally monogamous, but women are.

Women are taught not to show or demonstrate sexual attraction to more than one guy at a time and have been severely punished for doing so. However, women’s biology and personalities are suited to having multiple partners at the same time, even more so than men’s biology.

The masculine often has a deep desire for simplicity, and monogamy is generally much simpler than non-monogamy.

It has been shown that women are better at multitasking and have better communication skills, both of which are important in multiple relationships. In addition, since women generally take longer to become sexually aroused, reaching orgasm, having more than one sexual partner may work to your advantage.

Myth #2: Men are more interested in sex than women.

Women may become disinterested in sex as a result of social conditioning, untreated relationship problems, or situations of personal exhaustion but all of these aspects represent deviations from their inherent nature. When freed from negative sex conditioning and social judgments, women crave erotic connection as much or more than men.

It may seem that men are more interested in sex because their sexual organs are more visible than women’s, and because they are taught that sex is about their own pleasure.

But the truth is that both men and women can benefit from learning more about their own bodies and seeking instruction on how to give and receive pleasure.

Myth #3: A big penis is better

A bigger penis doesn’t have to be better. Size compatibility is the real issue. A large penis and a small vagina are not a good combination. The truth is that knowing how to use the penis skillfully is much more important than size.

This can be learned. A smaller penis is often easier to handle inside the vagina, and can motivate a man to explore a variety of ways to please his lover.

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