first date with an escort girl

First date with an Escort

First date with an Escort, what to expect from

If you are having a date with an escort for the first time and don’t know what you can expect from this experience, we are here to tell you all the details of how your appointment will go.

An escort will devote her time and engagement, entertaining you and making sure you enjoy the hours in her company. The escorts usually have not only an attractive appearance and an exciting experience in sex but also have personal traits that make them the perfect companions.

When a client decides to stay with an escort, in reality, what he is buying is her time and all her attention. The escorts are women who take great care of their body, who have certain manners and a high cultural level; For that reason they are considered refined and well educated young ladies.

first date with an escort

If you want to do something specific in the sexual field you should know that not all the escorts do the same, so the best thing is that you ask on the phone before confirming an appointment. Only then will you avoid possible misunderstandings and uncomfortable situations for both.

There are men who prefer to only have sex, many are looking for someone to talk to, others dream of making their fantasies come true… You will have to see what it is that you want and depending on that choose a girl or ask the agent to give you an insight about the girls.

primera cita escort

Of course, at our agency, the girl comes as seen on the pictures, you will not get another lady. The worst thing that can happen is that the girl to come is very different from what was shown in her picture on the website. To deceive a gentleman in this way, says no good about the girl or agency as professionals.

The escort can go with you to any appointment or social event to which you want to go accompanied. And, for this, you need a woman who is discreet, because nobody cares if you really get accompanied by your partner or a professional in the field. So another of the points you should expect is discretion.

Remember that it is not the same to be with a prostitute than with an escort. With the first ones, you will get pleasure for a while, and leave as you have come. An escort offers much more than just sex.

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