How do women give themselves pleasure?

Apart from the exciting “solo” scenes you may have seen on porntube, I’m sure that at some point you’ve wondered what masturbation looks like for women and how they actually do it. Your friend, neighbor or girlfriend probably does it this way….

Although no two women do it identically the same, there are some generalities that have been studied and show us what the majority of the female population does.


…most of them do it lying face up, and only 5% face down.

…and another 4%.

are stimulated by rubbing with a soft object such as a pillow.

2% of

…massaged their parts with the shower stream and another 3% can reach orgasm just by rhythmically contracting their thigh muscles.

11% of

…of women change methods from time to time.

Only 12% of

engage in internal stimulation i.e. inserting objects into the vagina. This last fact is related to the fact that it is difficult for a woman to receive an orgasm with penetration alone. And because of this, only 1.5% masturbate with just the act of inserting things into their vaginas.

It is important to explore one’s sexuality, not just for the sake of instant gratification but to be able to get the most out of sexual encounters with your partners.

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