How to become an Escort

Before you start reading

Before you even begin to think about becoming an escort, be it a luxury, escort, house or club escort, there are some personality traits that you should have as a matter of course. Otherwise, this experience may be too difficult to try.

Do you like to be with people? To be the center of attention? The life of the party? Then you’ll love this job! You also have to like sex, you have to know how to be uninhibited, feel comfortable being naked and having sex.

Physical and lifestyle

There are tastes for everything, you don’t have to be a blonde of 1,80 and 90-60-90 to be able to be an escort or even a luxury escort. Although it is very important that you are an attractive girl, other aspects such as poise, culture, lifestyle and the way you dress are also valued.

Do not hesitate to go to the gym, being an escort makes you depend on a well-groomed physique and with flexible schedules you can perfectly combine a little time to shape your body, eliminate toxins and discharge accumulated energy.

How to become an escort


There are clients who prefer exuberant and flashy girls, others however agree that they want a ‘normal woman’ and prefer discreet escort girls. In both cases it is very important that you dress with taste and style, that you always show your feminine side and take care of aspects such as hair, skin, makeup, manicure, pedicure, waxing.

Makeup should always be discreet unless you are attending an evening event or dinner party. However, we will move away from extremely red lips and smokey eyes to give a more feminine, fragile and innocent look.

Heels are indispensable to enhance your figure and stylize your legs. However, it is not allowed to wear 10cm heels to hotels or home meetings as you may compromise the client’s privacy (carry them in your bag and put them on after the reception). This also translates to garments such as extremely short dresses and necklines that show for miles. You can be more liberal in this regard in the spring and summer seasons. In winter wear your coat/scarf to be more discreet.

From the agency we will always advise you of the most suitable styling and also of the client’s requests in case he/she wants you to come flat.

Think about this: The idea is to be a discreet lady in public and a lioness in private, with your garters, your corsets and your high heels.


First and foremost: smiles. It has been proven that no matter how beautiful you are, if you go to your appointment with a pitiful face, the client will not enjoy the experience. Smile, laugh, have fun, think about what you love about this job: whether it’s meeting people, being the center of attention, being adored or the money. It is important that you can leave all your worries and your problems for that one hour, two hours, evening outside the door and walk in to see the client as if your whole life is perfect. Remember that you are there to please him and make his day unique and fun. You have to know how to make the customer feel loved, attractive, interesting and of course… horny!

You have to know how to break the ice in any situation, know a little bit of everything, if he likes to travel you will talk about trips, if it is the first time he is in Barcelona or Madrid you should know interesting facts about your city…etc.etc.

As a tip: try to avoid talking about sensitive topics such as politics, extremism, causes, debates…

Remember, no client likes to be with a stuck up girl, you have to be confident but never look down on your partners or the client. It is also not in good taste to speak ill of your colleagues or other customers. And speaking of other clients, it is strictly forbidden to talk about other services you have had, if you talk about them the client will know that you will do the same to him.

Remember, if they are businessmen, judges, successful politicians…they must have something, they are not fools, do not treat them as such.

Just want to talk?

Yes it is true that a good conversation is valued, but they don’t just want to talk. If we are called for an appointment that is not purely for companionship, the sexual act is implied.

Sometimes I meet with clients to receive feedback about the escorts we have in Barcelona and Madrid. We have become friends over the years and they tell me about their experiences. A few months ago I met with Javier, a client who has been calling us for appointments for some time, and he told me the following:

work escorts

We were talking for almost an hour, the truth is that I was enjoying his presence as never before, but it was clear that I had a tremendous desire to go to bed and yet something inside me did not want to ‘cut him off’. As soon as that thought crossed my mind, she got up and headed for the bathroom, turning her head and while giving me a wink she said: ‘I love talking to you, but aren’t we here just to talk?’ And so with a smile she disappeared behind the bathroom door to appear a few minutes later spectacular. With all the full equipment, she looked like a woman out of an Intimissimi ad that I like so much. I, still stunned by the phrase I heard before, had only to let out a small and mute ‘wow’ as she turned around and I had her sitting on top of me kissing my neck. HOW WONDERFUL! Don’t send me to anyone but her!’

How do you stay? Everything in its right measure is perfect. If you have a 1 hour appointment, you can’t spend half an hour talking, if you have a three hour appointment you can do like the experience I just told you about.

During sex…

Find out how he likes it, you will immediately notice if he likes to take the reins and change positions every 2 minutes or maybe he likes you to be in control.

how to become a luxury escort

You have to show yourself as you would show yourself with a boyfriend. There is an implicit trust that you have to show (even if it’s the first day you meet this particular customer). There are some things that you do have to take as rules:

  5. CHARGE BEFORE YOU BEGIN (in the most discreet manner).

We hope you enjoyed these tips! If you want to be part of our team do not hesitate to write to us at: [email protected] or fill in the Casting form to work as an escort in Barcelona, Madrid and Spain.

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