Escorts for people with disabilities

Sex, a luxury for a person with a disability?

For many people with disabilities, sex is out of the question. While most other needs are met through the provision of caregivers, or family members, sex is often missed altogether. Today some of us in the industry are looking to combat this by providing specialized services to help people with disabilities fulfill their sexual desires.

It is easy for the sexuality of people with disabilities to be overshadowed by a web of social assumptions about what it is to be disabled. But of course, people with disabilities need sexual release just like anyone else. Sex is as essential as eating, but people see it as a luxury for people with disabilities rather than a right.

We pretend they don’t need sex as much as we do. And it can’t stay that way. Sex is necessary, love, affection and closeness are also necessary. We are social beings, and we need human warmth to be fully happy.

Escorts for gentlemen with disabilities

Providing escorts for people with disabilities is a very unique service and one that is not easily found (yes, yes…many will put it but when it comes to dating we meet ladies with many prejudices). Many disabled gentlemen seek the company of escorts and despair at having to ask and reassure themselves that their condition is accepted by the lady. Some also consider the topic of escorts for people with disabilities a taboo subject to discuss.

The independent escort market has a much larger supply of escort services for disabled gentlemen, however, it is a challenge to ensure that the girls do not want to take advantage of them. Some of these gentlemen have specific requirements or needs and that further complicates the situation. We are glad to see that a few agencies are starting to offer a service reserved only for them. A simple option like this can alleviate any anxiety or fear you may have had about the booking process.

It would be nice to see more independent agencies and escorts actively providing services and information on these issues. While there is the valid point of what types of disabilities can impact a service, there certainly should be escort services for people with disabilities. It’s simply about educating and understanding how different people have different needs. For example, we offer wheelchair accessible apartments or home transfers.

We will make recommendations based on your needs and the experience of the escorts. We always recommend that the best escorts to visit someone with a disability are our handpicked escorts. In general we will recommend affectionate ladies, willing to give love, free of prejudices and taboos that only focus on enjoyment.

OK Escorts in Barcelona and Madrid: Escorts for people with disabilities

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