How to do a good “Lingam” massage

If you have heard about Lingam massage but you don’t know what it is or how to do it, pay attention because we leave you all the steps you should take into account. The first thing is to clarify that lingam is the ancient tantric term used to describe the penis.

Textually the word Lingam means ‘staff of life’ referring to the virile member.

What is Lingam?

Therefore, a lingam massage is a massage over the penile area, which allows any man to experience a completely different level of pleasure. The advantage of lingam massage is that the pleasure is experienced on both sides: the giver and the receiver of the massage.

If you are going to do a lingam massage you will have to prepare for it the right way. The first thing to keep in mind is that the first step to make a lingam massage unforgettable is to choose a safe space. Creating this space is an expression of love that allows your partner to enter into pleasure. To do this, make sure that the area is at a good temperature and that you are not cold. Play soft lighting and instrumental music. If you know that your partner likes incense you can also choose to light it.Take the right oil to do a massage for this use a warm oil, the best for this is coconut oil.

Steps to achieve the perfect massage


Once the time has come to do the massage you will have to follow the following steps. Don’t forget that you both have to be comfortable. Have him lie on his back and be as relaxed as possible. Place cushions under his head, neck, his back…Remember, whatever relaxes him the most will be the right choice. Then sit between his legs, or next to him, in a position that is comfortable for you. Use some oil but not too much for this first part, you can use more towards the end. you will be able to use more towards the end.

2. First caresses

Start by placing one hand in the middle of his chest and the other on his genitals. Gently begin to stimulate the energy and feel how you connect. You can use this technique to channel and empathize with the pleasure your partner is feeling. This will allow you to be in the same space relaxed, sensualized and you will be able to follow the massage responding to your and you will be able to follow the massage by responding to your impulses and reflexes. . From the folds of the groin upwards, try not to touch all of her genital area directly from the beginning, but guide your fingers through the most erogenous corners of her body, go up and down, make circles, recreate yourself in her pleasure with your fingers and the palms of your hands.

3. Let’s go down a little…

Remember not to squeeze too hard, it is a stimulating but relaxing massage. Gradually you can stop giving importance to the exposed area around the member and focus on other areas such as the perineum, at this time your partner will be sufficiently relaxed and you can separate his legs a little more within his state of total relaxation will not tense to this request.

4. We move on to the final

After a good review of the surrounding areas it is time to move on to your penis. Grease your hands with plenty of oil and work your way up from the base to the top. Now hold it between both hands. Begin to gently squeeze and stroke your penis slowly, do not run. Feel his member and let him know you love it through your movements. With a lot of patience you can raise the pace a little, always responding to their reflexes. Remember to use plenty of oil at this point, the more the better. It expands the area you caress and massage, so that finally it is a mass of sensations all over his erogenous areas culminating in his erect member. The rest is up to you…enjoy!

I’m sure this massage will drive him crazy and he will soon want you to practice this ancient and effective technique again. …. 😉

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