The importance of affection, love and companionship

In the embrace the body speaks and the words are silent. Touch tells the personal story in the present moment. It transmits saving energy, buries fears and calms anguish. The embrace heals, gives life not only to the transmitter of the embrace but also to the receiver. It is a vibration that emanates in a double direction.

Although some cultures are more inclined to physical contact than others, touching and being touched is a must for everyone.

“Touch is something truly fundamental to humans and living without it weakens our closest relationships.”

Robin Dunbar professor of evolutionary psychology at Oxford University.

The skin is our largest sensory organ and touch is the first sense we acquire. Our dermis has five thousand nerve endings that, when caressed, send a feeling of well-being and security to the brain.

Through physical contact, stress, anxiety and pain perception are reduced. Increases self-esteem by providing a sense of acceptance, affection and love. For this reason, touching, kissing and hugging are essential to maintain good emotional stability.

But touch is even more vital than this: researchers have found that babies who are not carried, caressed and cuddled enough can stop growing and, if the situation lasts long enough, even die.

The affection of another person combats loneliness, which is one of the main causes of depression . Feeling listened to, accompanied and cared for brings enormous benefits that may not be perceptible to the naked eye. But they are no less important.

In his pyramid, the American psychologist Abraham Maslow, describes human needs in different levels, starting with the basic level that would include breathing or eating until reaching the peak with needs such as self-confidence or self-fulfillment (these levels are only achieved if we fulfill the previous needs). Maslow places sex in the first stage as a basic need at the same level as food, in the third level we would find the needs of affection and affection. Let us remember that all of these are necessary in order to meet the needs of our customers, to be successful or to improve problem solving.

The escort girls have always been a way of relief to combat loneliness in many people, who for one reason or another yearn for a love or a connection that society is not able to provide them in those moments. Unfortunately, there are few studies on the subject given the stigma attached to prostitution and the possibility of talking about its positive and even curative points. On many occasions, the girl is the only close human contact one has and the only kisses and caresses one receives. Affection and affection is basic to maintain a good emotional state and to be able to approach life in a more positive way. Really… Is there any doubt about the importance of receiving this contact? and therefore great work done by escort girls in this society ♡.

In 2021 the confinement to which the Covid-19 pandemic has brought us has made it clear that we cannot live in a state of isolation for long. As Aristotle already pointed out, humans are social animals. We have also learned that in-person contact has nothing to do with distance contact, not to mention the importance of this contact being charged with good energy, affection, love and closeness. There is no doubt about it, we need others to lead a full life.

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