How I live the Girlfriend experience

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This experience is without a doubt my favorite. It is from this way of experiencing the connection that you can fully merge with the client. On long dates that don’t just focus on sex, there’s real excitement in the air. In the atmosphere there is a palpable curiosity of wanting to know more about each other, of wanting to investigate and immerse themselves in the unknown essence. When such a close scenario with someone you don’t know creates a wonderful spark that is unique to any other.
experience .

In this context I will be your friend, accomplice, girlfriend and partner. It’s about flowing and creating a harmony in which one is 100% for the other. In this type of encounter I have come to forget the rest.
of the world and I have had a lot of fun with my client, just him and me. We chatted for hours and hours, understanding the world from his eyes and he from mine with very interesting debates,
that, without exaggeration, are part of who I am today. Sharing different anecdotes
laughing and enjoying just being present for each other. The longer the appointment the more
seemed short to me. I mean that when I left I wanted to stay longer.
enjoying our chemistry.

The ephemeral nature of this adventure is precisely what makes it so special. This concept of a date that has no other objective than joint enjoyment is the perfect opportunity to nourish oneself with life. It could be compared to a trip since it shares almost the same factors, curiosity, surprise, novelty, intrigue and constant excitement. And it is precisely in this trip where the escort becomes a guide if her beloved is a foreigner for a day. I like to show them the most beautiful corners of Barcelona, its history and curiosities. I usually prepare beforehand a list of typical bars and restaurants to enjoy the gastronomy of the city.

I remember a date where we were walking downtown, passing by the Cathedral of the Sea,
observing in detail the streets of the gothic quarter, getting into every corner laughing in full
as if we were the only passers-by, as if we were alone in the middle of the hustle and bustle.
of the city of Barcelona. We ended up at the citadel after eating a paella in front of the sea. Truly idyllic and exclusive.

It is especially in these encounters that I reaffirm myself in my work, when I realize
I realize how lucky I am to be where I am. From the opportunity to meet and share
people as special as all the men I have met up to this point. Me
I like not having prejudices because this way I am free to enjoy all that these experiences have to offer.
I am granted.

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