The benefits of paying with Bitcoin and how to do it right

Introduction to the world of Cryptocurrencies

Many of us are already familiar with the word cryptocurrency or bitcoin, its exposure in the media and its implementation by large companies such as Paypal, Tesla or Microsoft have made it clear that it is here to stay. Of all the currencies (also called tokens), Bitcoin (BTC) has defined the cryptocurrency space and is now the most dominant currency in the market. BTC is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptographic currency system, which allows transactions through digital units of exchange. Basically, it is a new form of payment in order to eliminate intermediaries such as banks, and preserve anonymity while preserving transparency. It was launched in 2009 and for many people it is presented as an alternative to fiat currencies such as the euro or the U.S. dollar. Their decentralized status means that Bitcoins are not issued by banks or regulated by a central authority, but are mined and each transaction is recorded on a blockchain.

Maybe you have also heard about Altcoins, these are alternative digital currencies to Bitcoin, basically they refer to all cryptocurrencies other than BTC. Examples of altcoins with large market capitalizations include BNB, Cardano, Ethereum, Chainlink and Tether, among others. You may even hear the term “Stable Coin”, which means that they are pegged to the value of the Euro or Dollar and do not fluctuate in relation to them.

The benefits of paying with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The greatest benefit: Discretion and anonymity

Your transactions will never be associated with your identity, therefore, we guarantee user anonymity, unless you publish your bitcoin transactions by choice, your payments are anonymous. Tracking is similar to cash transactions, it is not impossible, but it is not easy or likely. The way that most protects your anonymity is to operate from a hard wallet.

To receive or send payments it is only necessary to provide an anonymous alphanumeric address that can change with each transaction. Payments can also be made using QR codes.

More benefits of paying with Cryptocurrencies:

  • Ease of transaction (no swift, no iban)
  • Autonomy over its own money due to its decentralized nature
  • No taxes on purchases
  • Very low transaction fees. Ideal for international transactions and frequent travelers.
  • No bank tracking on larger payments
  • No need to be aware of holidays
  • Your wallet can be stored online or offline.
  • No bank intermediaries.

To be considered: Volatility and returns

Understanding the implications of price volatility is very important, you will have to accept the risk that can come with it, although Bitcoin and Ethereum may offer more stability, their prices have varied greatly even in the last 6 months.

How to Avoid Volatility Risks: Stable Coins

It can operate entirely in stable currencies. These currencies are directly linked to the price of fiat currencies, i.e. Dollar, Euro…etc. Look for the following currencies to trade with: USDT, USDC, BUSD, UST, DAI (listed by popularity).

There is another key aspect, this is a PRO for suppliers, but could be a CON for first time customers. When paying with cryptocurrencies, chargebacks are not available, you should only pay legitimate suppliers and do some due diligence before paying in cryptocurrencies to a company you don’t know. At OK!Escorts we guarantee a full refund (except cab costs) if you are not satisfied with our service!

Where to buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

Trading Bitcoin or other tokens is much simpler than you might think!

CoinBase (easy start)

Coinbase is one of the most reliable and simple platforms available. Ideal for buying, investing or trading. It offers several security options with authenticators, 2fa and a safe. It is extremely easy to use and intuitive. Buy with your credit card and pay in cryptos in minutes. It offers the most popular cryptocurrencies and some alternatives, but if you are looking for more variety and tools in a simple interface, read on!

WARNING: Always make sure to access official websites, there are “mirror” sites that can trick you with the intention of keeping your dataand/or funds (More information about mirror sites).

BlockFi (easy start)

Similar to Coinbase, BlockFi allows us to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies instantly and with a very simple interface. In addition, BlockFi automatically stacks your assets and gives you a return of 5% per year without you having to do anything. BlockFi, without a doubt, is one of the most trusted platforms for beginners.

WARNING: Always make sure to access official websites, there are “mirror” sites that can trick you with the intention of keeping your dataand/or funds (More information about mirror sites).


Binance is the cryptocurrency trading platform par excellence. It offers a wide variety of alternative currencies that are not available on basic platforms such as coinbase. It offers many security options plus a wide variety of financial products with up to 30% APY on relatively safe options. Trade, buy a wide variety of currencies, high trading limits, access new launch offers in a totally intuitive environment.

WARNING: Always make sure to access official websites, there are “mirror” pages that can trick you with the intention of keeping your data and or funds(More information about mirror pages).

Storing cryptocurrencies in hardware wallets

You can also store your cryptocurrencies securely offline, in a physical wallet. If you are not quite sure how to do it, you can find many tutorials online or even ask an expert for help. With the increasing demand from the general public most of the providers of these physical wallets have extremely simple set up and very fast processes to set up your hardware wallet.

Our hardware recommendations would be Trezor and Ledger by far. For more specific niches, check out the Trezor models (if you’re looking to store a larger amount of cryptocurrency) or even Electrum (if you’re an advanced user looking to store bitcoin exclusively).

NOTICE: Buy ONLY from the official website or reputable stores. Beware even of official amazon sellers. Buy your hardware wallet on the manufacturer’s official website.

Pay for private services with Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies carry risk, we recommend trading currencies that have been relatively stable in recent months. The advantage is much greater in terms of anonymity, timing and rates which fits very well with adult services.

At OK!Escorts we accept payment with BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB and other alternative currencies on demand. Payment must be made at least 24 hrs in advance and we offer payment on the spot for regular and VIP clients.

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