What every escort should have in her toilet bag

(Tips to be an escort III)

Everything you need to carry in your toiletry bag so that your appointments are always perfect 😉

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We recommend you always bring your own condoms. Play it safe and choose a well-known brand like Durex. Buy only from official distributors, pharmacies or supermarkets. Yes, there are also fake condoms, expired condoms, etc. and it is very important that you are in control of this aspect in all your appointments. We recommend you to buy the classic blue pack for your intimate interactions. In case you don’t offer full blowjob, we recommend you to have another set of extra thin condoms, to give more pleasure when offering oral sex 🙂

Why do we recommend Durex and not Control? We have had some complaints with the control brand that seems to bring a rubber that tightens the base more and cuts circulation in medium to large sizes.

EYE! Never use retardant condoms as they have a desensitizing cream inside.


We recommend a water-based, unscented, drugstore lubricant. In the case of lubricants, we do not recommend Durex because most of them are too sticky or have scents that can irritate freshly shaved intimate areas (which is very common in both clients and escorts).

If you offer Greek we recommend you to have a special lubricant to perform anal.

We also do not recommend Cold/Heat effect lubricants as they are a bit special and do not suit everyone. You can bring them as an extra but don’t use them on a daily basis (for irritation) and without consulting your customer first in case he doesn’t like it!

Simulates natural lubrication

One of the latest novelties on the market is a lubricant that will make your life easier on long encounters and those days when you might be a little drier down there. You will find it in Pharmacies.


We recommend that you always bring some oil to your meetings. A relaxing massage is always appreciated after an intimate encounter or even a stimulating massage to start warming up the atmosphere on your date. You don’t need to be a qualified masseuse or offer specialized massages, simply offer the client a moment of contact and good energy. Some clients prefer that you use cream, this is a perfect substitute for massage oil. We recommend a very economical option that also moisturizes the client’s skin: Olive oil body lotion 🙂


Some escorts offer their services during the week of the rule. This is achieved through the use of sponges or “sex tampons”. You can find them in sex shops. It does not usually stain or leave a trace unless you have a lot of discharge.

Tip: When interacting with a condom, the client usually does not notice any difference. Be careful with manual stimulation/squirting and the like as you may then notice the sponge.

Body lotions

Use light oils or serums when moisturizing your skin, this will leave it with a healthier touch and will not have a sticky taco that is very unpleasant especially in summer.

We also recommend you to bring: Deodorant wipes

Shower gel

Use a PH Neutral shower gel. This way, even if you shower several times a day, the pH of your skin will not suffer and you will protect your intimate parts from unnecessary irritation.

Fresh breath

Whether or not you smoke or drink coffee, we recommend that you always have a breath freshening option available that is NOT chewing gum. We recommend Smint, mouth spray or menthol strips.

Waterproof makeup

Use waterproof, lightweight, good brand makeup as this can make the difference between “raccoon” eyes in the shower and the client. It is very important that you choose a trusted brand and it may be a bit more expensive but both your skin and lashes will appreciate it. In addition, this way you will avoid staining clothes, sheets, towels, etc. in your meeting.

Dry Shampoo

You can buy it in powder form like talcum powder or in spray form. They are also available in travel format. They will get you out of trouble 🙂

You can also carry…

Other things that do not take up space and can be carried in your toiletry bag are:

  • Hair bands, for Jacuzzi/Shower together/Massage experiences
  • Tweezers/scissors
  • Disinfectant gel
  • A small vibrator/Chinese balls (many customers love them)
  • Stockings / High Socks (they don’t take up space and are very spicy!)
  • If you offer erotic or tantra massage, we recommend that you make a difference by carrying a separate oil-candle case.

Intimate products

This is not so much a toiletry bag item as a toiletry item for you to keep at home and use. The ovules work like vitamins, use them only at certain times, consult your usual pharmacy. You also have oral vitamins to help maintain your intimate flora, it is very important to take care of your health.

Another tip is to carry intimate wipes like these:

⚠️ Prohibited products

Strong fragrances – Avoid using colognes/perfumes/characteristic scents. A body spray with a natural Vanilla scent (which is also an aphrodisiac!) or a body mist for example, is better, it does not stick to the body after a shower.

Glitter/Brick – it’s kind of similar to going to the beach and having sand for 3 weeks at home. Don’t put your client through this!!!!

Self-tanning products: those which indicate staining of clothes

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