Age limit for Escorts clients

Although it may surprise you, our escorts do not usually describe their desired client as extremely young, or a cheeks They prefer a man or woman who knows how to treat them well. Experience plays in their favor, and many times being a gentleman comes with time. Politeness and politeness make a difference, and they notice it, which is why many of the girls prefer someone a little older.

That said, it is understandable that for our younger escorts they feel that a client much older than them is not the best choice, it is nothing personal, simply a preference that we must respect.

All the girls we advertise on our site accept clients between the ages of 18 and 60, for clients over 60 we can advise you on which escorts can be matched with you.

Why do many of the girls prefer more mature clients?

We asked our girls and this is what they answered….

They pay attention to details, they are detail oriented in the treatment, tips, gifts, chocolates, as well as in thanking the girl for her details. They appreciate the effort for the organization of the appointment and for what the girl does during the meeting.


A deeper appreciation for the world of music and art.


You learn a lot, you end up having a friendship-mentoring, it’s something that can’t be compared.


Looking for a more interesting experience, seduction games, role playing, it’s very exciting.


One of the things I like the most is the experience with a lady and gentleman couple who know what they want and what they like, with age everything gets better 😉


A mature gentleman, he has nothing to prove to anyone, and it shows. You just have to let yourself go and you will see how much you can learn.


I like dates with older men because I know we will have time to enjoy ourselves, I usually fill a bathtub, we chat a bit and get to know each other, I feel more comfortable this way and I think they notice it and enjoy it too.


I think that one of the best intimate experiences I have had was with a client in his 50’s, I remember he was a Judge, a very serious man in appearance but quite fiery in bed! He enjoyed watching me enjoy myself…I think that’s something wonderful and sometimes difficult to find with guys my age (21).


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