Small tips to overcome shyness

If you are one of those people who are usually quite shy and do not relate easily with people, pay attention to these tips that will help you in your task.

By putting the following recommendations into practice, you will surely feel more comfortable in a couple of weeks. It is important not to confuse shyness with introversion, since the latter concept alludes to biological bases of the personality, while shyness represents a problem in relating to other people.

“It is important not to confuse shyness with introversion.”

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Don’t demand so much of yourself when you are surrounded by people and you think your contributions are not going the way you wanted them to. Most of your judgments are not based on facts but on negative thoughts you have learned about what should be optimal social behavior. Perfection does not exist.

Don’t overthink it

Push your ideas or thoughts to the limit. Many beliefs are limiting, sometimes you have to take the risk of engaging in that conversation that you are so afraid of.

Open yourself to new social situations

Experiment, there is nothing more stimulating than trying things, even if they go “wrong”. In reality, they are unique learnings and experiences that you take with you.

Write down what you are going to say

Write down on a notepad what you think you can’t say but need to express. Practicing in front of the mirror until you feel comfortable is also an option. Of course, the idea is not to become obsessed.

Don’t worry about social acceptance

Practice your assertiveness and don’t be afraid to be more spontaneous. Actually, being spontaneous is a very positive thing, and if you are spontaneous, be sure that others will appreciate it. Speak your mind honestly and assertively, and people are likely to accept you and be receptive to your opinions.

Focus on the small breakthroughs you are experiencing. You can also help yourself with exercises, relaxation and breathing techniques or other activities where you express different emotions.

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