What is an escort’s real job like?

Being an escort and offering girlfriend experience; from the point of view of an escort girl in Barcelona

I really love my job and everything that goes with it. From the moment I enter the room until I leave. I don’t look at the person’s physique but at their soul. This is one of the great lessons I take away from this job, to look at the soul. I have learned that every human being needs love, understanding and acceptance. That is what I try to convey to my clients. Giving love fills you with love is a reciprocal energy. Great men with great businesses and lives full of glory feel empty and lonely. We are designed to feel connected. I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people in a unique context. Because when you’re in that scenario, after you’ve been intimate, it’s not just your body that gets naked.

One of the most wonderful experiences I have had was with a client who was about to die. It sounds strange, but the only thing that powerful man who had great recognition in his country wanted was to feel connected before he died. Her illness did not allow her to have a sexual relationship, the only thing she wanted was to feel and give affection. He needed to be himself, to feel accepted, to share, to not be alone. I made him happy, I know because he thanked me for every minute I spent with him, it was great for me too. We laughed a lot and I had the immense good fortune to hear the confessions of a wise man at the end of the road.

…other clients have thanked me for my company and not only for the sex but for everything else…

The achievement lies in creating an environment where the client can unburden themselves sexually or not, where they do not feel judged and, consequently, feel completely free. Many men have problems living their sexuality because sometimes their desires are not in congruence with the repressive norms of this society. For this reason, they are looking for a place where they can detach their desire from the regulations and thus be able to live their most intimate fantasies in a guilt-free way. Accepting someone who does not feel accepted. To give confidence to a person so that he or she can shed any prejudice. Giving affection to the lonely. Helping a couple to discover new horizons. Accompanying a person who is rediscovering his or her sexuality. To restore someone’s confidence. All this and more defines the work of an escort.

That is why I cannot cover this profession, which helps so many people, with a cloak of darkness. Because when this craft is practiced freely, consensually and with respect, it can illuminate the darkest corners of the world.

This link is to a TED conference on sex work and human connections that will connect you a little more to our reality and way of living this work.

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