10 Benefits of sex for your health

Sex is a source of physical and psychological well-being, and the WHO considers sexuality to be a central aspect of the human being.

Frequent sexual practice is not only pleasurable, it helps you live longer.

This is what a group of Australian researchers have discovered; they found that those people who had sex at least three times a week were up to 50% less likely to die from disease.

Benefits of sex on a physical level :

Heart: The movements during intercourse cause the heart to pump faster to meet energy demands. This reduces cholesterol, hypertension and the risk of heart disease. In addition, when we are excited, our bodies (both female and male) secrete testosterone and DHEA, two hormones that protect the heart muscle.

Skin: When we have an orgasm we secrete a greater amount of water that is reabsorbed by the dermis. Offering extra hydration that nourishes internally, reducing wrinkles and achieving a smoother and brighter skin. In addition, the increased heart rate promotes circulation and reduces cellulite.

Bones: Bone health is also strengthened by sex. By practicing it we release female and male hormones (estrogens and testosterone). These two hormones help maintain bone mass in perfect condition and reduce the possibility of osteoporosis.

Weight loss: When we have sex, we exercise different parts of the body, such as legs, buttocks, abdominals, etc. It has been proven that 10 minutes of sex can burn up to 50 calories (depending on the postures, intensity and duration of the encounter).

Relieves pain: Whether muscular, trauma or gynecological, since the endorphins and oxytocins that are released with sex act as natural painkillers and can reduce pain to the maximum. It also reduces headache and migraine. Because nitric oxide is mobilized within us, benefiting the peripheral circulation. For this reason, if you suffer from headaches, there is nothing better than having a sex session to relieve the discomfort and feel better.

Sleep: Improves sleep quality and reduces insomnia. Oxytocin released during orgasm acts as a sleep inducer.

“After climax, the body relaxes and the nervous system tends to rest.”

Laura Moran, Sexologist

Immune system: Our system is strengthened by this pleasurable activity because by practicing it, the body generates more antibodies. Our body is better protected against viruses, germs and any other intruders. It has been shown that having sex 2 to 3 times a week reduces the probability of catching a cold by up to 30%.

Psychological benefits of sex

Emotional well-being: Having sex activates the brain area of reinforcement, increases the levels of serotonin or endorphins among other neurotransmitters and, consequently, makes us feel more active and lively.

Researcher Debby Herbenick found that adults who made love first thing in the morning were more optimistic during the rest of the day than those who did not have morning sex.

Increases self-esteem: The release of endorphins, which function as internal opiates, generate feelings of pleasure, acceptance and recognition of your own body.

Decreases stress: Caressing during and after sex reduces the body’s cortisol levels. In addition, physical contact inhibits anxiety and stimulates oxytocin production.

Apart from all these benefits, sex favors self-knowledge. Those who practice it learn a lot about their own body, their reactions, their sexual stimuli, their likes and dislikes….

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