Making love with older gentlemen

As the years go by, the body and mind change, i.e., they mature. It is the same with sexuality. Many myths hold that sexual activity is only for young people and that older people are no longer up for such things. This is totally false and quite the opposite is true!

Younger men have a high level of testosterone and this leads to faster intercourse, often resulting in unsatisfied women. This occurs because the female response is usually three to ten times slower. In the case of older men, the opposite is true, as they have more experience in the sexual arena and know how to adjust their tempos. They replace the inertia of youth with sensuality, greater attention to detail and longer relationships, as more stimulation is needed for erection. In this case, quality is preferred over quantity.

These are the reasons why when a younger woman makes love to an older man she enjoys the encounter more. Because the male sexual response slows down and becomes equal to that of the female. More time is devoted to kissing, caressing and foreplay, which allows women to reach orgasm more easily.

“Women prefer an experienced man as a sexual partner to a very young one”.

Francisca Molero, director of the Institut Clinic de Sexologia de Barcelona

It is after the age of 30 that testosterone levels begin to drop in men by 2% per year. A drop in this hormone does not mean that erection problems will appear. In men between 60 and 70 years of age, erection difficulties do not occur in 70% of cases.

The time that elapses between coitus is also longer as the years go by. Erections are less rigid and less semen is expelled. But as we have noted above, these factors are not crucial to having a satisfying sexual relationship.

If we put aside the idea that sex is based only on penetration, something that women tend to understand and seek at a much younger age than men, intimate relations in maturity can be the most pleasurable. Sexologists agree that the sex act that satisfies at any age is the result of kissing, playing, caressing and body massages, and not so much of very rigid erections or frenzied intercourse.

Sex with an older man can be a unique experience, discover new ways to enjoy foreplay and reach the most pleasurable orgasms you’ve ever experienced.

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